Bijoux Coquette

Designer Name:
Noémie Arrigo

Label Name:
Bijoux Coquette


“Being part of Nolcha Fashion Week is a big step for Bijoux Coquette. A bound in the heart of fashion. A great opportunity to bring my brand beyond Europe towards international marketplaces.”


 Noémie Arrigo comes from Switzerland, where she trained as a graphic designer before becoming a self-taught jeweler. After earning a Graphic Design degree at the High School of Design in Zürich, she worked for several fashion magazines. The urge to create jewelry was unexpected. It came as a shock, in fact. But slowly, the shock gave way to “le chic” and the idea of Bijoux Coquette grew. After training, learning and developing her collection, she finally launched her own jewelry label in March 2013.


 Bijoux Coquette is a delicate and precious jewelry brand. Every jewel is exclusively made of massive 18 carat red gold and precious gemstones. Bijoux Coquette jewels are handcrafted one by one by Noémie herself in her workshop in Switzerland, making each piece unique, with its own singular charm. At her workbench, a pendant becomes a clasp, gold becomes black. Precious materials merge with subtle designs for a delicate intimacy between the jewel and its owner.


Signature Style
 A Bijoux Coquette jewel is a nude almost intangible luxury on the skin. For women being elegant but feeling free and wild as the red luster in gold.


Instinctive and attentive to detail, Noémie is guided by impulse. She follows certain rules but disobeys others to create surprises. It is an allusion to my collection “Bouton”.


Brand philosophy
 Style is an essential vice.


Making it happen
Learning a new profession and launching a brand in one and half year beside another full-time job was quite utopian. Her vision and her stern discipline made it possible to found Bijoux Coquette.


Celebrity crushJane Birkin, for her natural elegance.


What does New York City mean to you?
 Make your mark in New York and you are a made woman.