CAT Footwear

Designer Name:
CAT Footwear

Label Name:
CAT Footwear


For nearly two decades, Cat® Footwear has been designing and engineering quality footwear that lives up to the hard-working reputation of the Cat brand. One small boot collection has grown into an expansive line of men’s and women’s styles sold in more than 150 countries worldwide.


Forged by work. Driven by Life.


Signature Style:
Our boots and shoes offer rich authenticity and rugged style for urban dwellers and far beyond. With utility in mind, they are easy to wear straight out of the box and for years to come.


We are a brand as strong as our equipment. Recognized and respected around the world, the Caterpillar logo is a sign of authenticity and toughness. Caterpillar makes the equipment that moves the earth, literally and figuratively. The dedicated work ethic on which Caterpillar was founded is still there today.  But now it’s time for people to roll up their sleeves.  To rebuild. To contribute. To get back to work and to forge a new relevance in a new global landscape.  It’s against this backdrop that Cat footwear can stand up and be an agent of action.


Brand Philosophy
Cat® Footwear is a brand of earthmovers and shakers, finders, seekers, big thinkers, risk takers.  We are generation makers.


What does NYC mean to you?
We love New York for all of its diversity in people, culture, and fashion. Being the melting pot that it is, New York sets the trends for fashion worldwide.  Our newest collection, A/W 13, is inspired by the urban dark west, and we are especially inspired by urban New York City.