Cheryl Eve Acosta Sculptural Jewelry & TATTUAGE Jewelry

Designer Name:
Cheryl Eve Acosta

Label Name:
Cheryl Eve Acosta Sculptural Jewelry & TATTUAGE Jewelry



Inspired by her French and Caribbean backgrounds, Cheryl Eve Acosta developed an appreciation for coastal life and high fashion, shaping the story behind her “Cycle of Life” jewelry brand. The visionary and entrepreneur, continues to explore contemporary modes of body adornment reminiscent in her most recent sister brand called TATTUAGE Jewelry; a reusable metal adornment that adheres to the skin.


Cheryl Eve Acosta earned her MFA in Jewelry & Metals from the Rhode Island School of Design. More recently, she received a CAD/CAM Certificate and scholarship from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) in NYC to expand her designs and production skills.


Her fine art jewelry has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Seoul, Florence and Munich and collected by public figures including former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. She published her own book called “Hidden in Nature” and has been included in numerous publications. She is currently based in Kansas City, MO creating jewelry from her studio/boutique.


When was your brand founded

From a young age, Cheryl Eve Acosta has been creating jewelry and has been developing her brand since 2012. TATTUAGE jewelry emerged in Spring 2008 and was official launched in 2016 at KCFW. This new body jewelry is currently being developed to be out in the market this summer with pre-orders available.


What is your inspiration for this seasons collection

Her organic, yet modern Cheryl Eve Acosta jewelry is inspired by the “Cycle of Life” highlighting elements of birth, growth and fossilization of marine fauna. With the use of different metal, finishes and colors, CICLOS collection will be introduced, known for it’s tumbled like beach waves shells you find. TATTUAGE Jewelry originated from a shadow projection on the body, which later translating into metal body jewelry you adhere to the skin. The designs for this collection are inspired by world destinations.


What materials are used in this seasons collection?

The materials behind Cheryl Eve Acosta’s handmade pieces are created with a variety of metals including gold, silver, copper and enameled glass. You might see some precious stones included as accent. The TATTUAGE Jewelry line is made of solid brass and includes an adhesive and remover with each set.


Where are your materials sourced and your jewelry manufactured

Cheryl Eve Acosta combines artisanal techniques with modern technology to create her one of a kind handmade jewelry in her KC Crossroads studio/store in MO. Her designs are made with a variety of materials sourced in the USA from sustainable recycled metals.


Where are you based

Our boutique/studio destination is located in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District surrounded by an eclectic and growing community of diverse art and entertainment.


Where does your line currently retail?

We have a destination studio/boutique in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District where both of our brands are made. The Cheryl Eve Acosta brand is in several galleries and boutiques including: J Cotter Gallery – CO, Artner Gallery – NY, TallulahBelle’s – KS, Brandon Jacobs Gallery – MO. Our new brand, TATTUAGE jewelry is currently being developed and is available for pre-order on our website. Both brands include an online store. We travel for trunks shows and showrooms nationally.


What makes your collection unique

The story and authenticity behind the two brands captivates collectors. The process, unique textures and use of colors has become Cheryl Eve Acosta’s brand DNA; a recognizable aesthetic that speaks for itself. TATTUAGE Jewelry, is first to introduce its novel approach of body adornment in the fashion industry.


What statement is your brand trying to make? (Brand Philosophy, Who is it for, what does it say, etc

Cheryl creates timeless, yet fashion forward accessory brands that is collectible. Cheryl Eve Acosta and TATTUAGE jewelry has an avant-guard aesthetic and concept, empowering women to express their unique senses of style and identity with confidence.