Designer Name:
Giorgio Filippi

Label Name:


“I am thrilled to be a part of Nolcha fashion week. I can’t think of a better venue to display Codice.”


1987 – 1992 Sima Spa Product & Sales Manager. Worked on knitwear labels such as Nani Bon, Fiume, Giunco and Falke/Hugo Boss.


1992-2007 Saffo Spa/Sicem Product & Sales Manager for Licensees V2byVersace and Kenzo, own labels & private label productions.


2007 Started GBOX (Gbox is for Giorgio’s BOX of Ideas)


2008 Launched CODICE as own trademark worldwide!


To create the perfect knit to match modern pants and Shirts


Signature Style:
CODICE embodies the polished, sophisticated ease that are the hallmarks of Italian style in a clean, spare, yet never overly basic collection of knit tops, t-shirts, polos & fine gauge sweaters.


My  inspiration comes from all things vintage, which you will notice from the hang tags. Vintage inspired with modern day design.


Brand philosophy
Contemporary “tops” with a modern fit, “fashion” but wearable.


Making it happen
Attention to detail. Even a simple t-shirt will have noticeable details. Every design is unique.


Fun fact
Despite the fact that we all like to sell big units, I love it when we sell something unusual, different and cool, even though the sales units are small. The day I see cool people in the street wearing my stuff, my mission in life will have been accomplished!


What does New York City mean to you?
NY has always been the “magic melting pot” that I have been dreaming of since very young.  It is a metropolis of contrasts; the perfect mix between rich & poor, beauty & rotten, magic & depression.  In other words, a perfect place where to get inspiration!