Dela Eva

Designer Name:
Ninja Evangelista

Label Name:


“NEW YORK, FASHION, THE NOLCHA SHOWS …what else? We are honoured to be part of this year’s Nolcha Shows. This is an outstanding opportunity for young emerging designers and will mark the beginning of great success for our company DELA ÉVA”



Ninja Evangelista is a fashion accessory designer born in Vienna, Austria and based in London. Ninja studied Fashion Cordwainer Accessory Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion – University of the Arts and holds a Postgraduate Degree in Art and Architecture History. During her studies, she did an Internship with Vivienne Westwood and was International Brand Ambassador for Clarks Original. Fashion is her passion and besides designing, she also enjoys writing and has worked as a freelance Fashion Journalist at the London Bureau for the German publishing house, Burda Media



To challenge common preconceptions of what fashion can or can’t be, meticulous attention to detail and courage to break rules in order to create something outstanding.


Signature Style

The DELA ÉVA signature heart shape symbolises devotion, creativity and the special love affair with every design detail. Be a rebel by heart, the DELA ÉVA heart belongs to strong fashion warriors and successful hardworking women, who know what they want in life.



DELA ÉVA’s timeless designs always have a little twist to them. A combination of something old inspired by the classic masterpieces from the past and something new inspired by the modern world of today.


Brand Philosophy

DELA ÉVA designs are not created for a specific season; the designs are timeless and can be worn for every occasion all season round. Simple silhouettes with special features, like a Bucket bag with an expandable gate frame, a Cross-body bag with a poncho or our Tote bag with a Renaissance inspired ruff.


All materials used are carefully sourced from quality suppliers in Italy, France, UK, Germany and Austria. Due to the exclusivity of materials used the quantity of handbags produced in one particular style is strictly limited, making every DELA ÉVA handbag a rare treasure.


If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?

Kate Moss, she is timeless beauty meets Rock ‘n’ Roll!