Dharma Eyewear

Designer Name:
Dhruv Jagasia

Label Name:
Dharma Eyewear Company


“We are excited to align with Nolcha Fashion Week. Nolcha is the perfect place to showcase our brand to the industry, as the shows are known to be a springboard for emerging NYC designers.”


We were born and raised in glasses. While exploring factories as children, the eyewear industry became second-nature to us. We have a passion for helping style-savvy, culturally-inclined people express themselves through eyewear.


Our mission is to make meaningful social impact. We want children to see chalkboards, farmers to see seeds, and change-makers to see a difference.


Signature style
A hybrid of vintage, cultural and other-worldly inspirations.


Gandhi, John Lennon, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Earth.


Brand philosophy
Our major Dharma [responsibility]: Provide beautiful, high-quality eyewear to those who can afford it, and vision care to those who cannot.


Making it happen
At music festivals, in recording and yoga studios, on the face of writers, curators, models and Johnny Depp (we hope)!


Fun Fact
We’ve been in movies!


What does New York City mean to you?
Everything, too much and not enough.