Eva Shaw

Designer Name:
Elizabeth Shaw, Eva Shaw

Label Name:
Eva Shaw Designs


“We are proud and excited to be able to participate in one of the pre-eminent Fashion Week events featuring independent designers.”


Liz has a background in art history and fashion merchandising, while Eva has a Graduate Gemologist degree from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).


Our vision is to create a space in the jewelry industry where women can buy and wear jewelry made of quality materials and real gemstones without the big price tag. There are so many amazing gemstones out there that not many people know about, and it’s about time they did!


Signature style
Like our home town, New York City, we have an eclectic style, at times classic, at times bold but always unforgettable.


We are influenced by art, the history of fashion, timeless jewelry designs and classic silhouettes. We then combine that with our own modern, edgy elements to create jewelry that’s uniquely ESD. But overall the largest influence comes from the gemstones themselves. The color, cut and size of stone will determine how it is used in a piece of jewelry.


Brand philosophy
You can wear modern, elegant, real gemstone jewelry that expresses your unique style without the hefty price tag.


Making it happen
All of our designs are made by us in NYC. We ethically source all of our stones personally and work with a multitude of mines, lapidaries and suppliers both in the USA and abroad.


Fun Fact
The flashes of color present in Labradorite (a stone originally discovered on the coast of Labrador, Canada) are said to be the Aurora Borealis captured in the stone.


What does New York City mean to you?
Home! As native New Yorkers we find a lot of inspiration in the colorful, multifaceted and culturally diverse city we call home.