Glocal Connection

Designer Name:
Vicky Cohen & Yenifer Lam

Label Name:
Glocal Connection


“Nolcha has provided constant support to Glocal Connection and its vision since its inception. This is our 4th season participating in Nolcha Fashion Week and it  has helped us every step of the way. New York city is a tough place and Nolcha is a wonderful source to make your brand known and grow. We are always proud to say we are part of Nolcha Fashion Week.”


Glocal Connection was started by two girls with global roots; infused with the love of travel & style; a desire to empower others & to make the world a better place for all who inhabit it. With more than 20 years combined experience in global sourcing and international business; Vicky Cohen and Yenifer Lam had a vision and MsGlocalStyle was born.


To bring one of a kind products made by artisans carefully curated from around the world without sacrificing sustainability; while having a positive social impact in their lives. Accessorize your life, Impact GLObal Shop loCAL.


Signature Style
The designs are handcrafted by artisans they bring antiquity to modern living! One of a kind or limited edition is what you will find at


Imagination and mood; we create a unique style every day and it is life, people, time and places that have inspired each look. It has been through our travels that we have discovered treasures that add to the wealth of our own panache.


Brand philosophy
A platform that sells fashion and lifestyle products; Glocal Connection advocates for the advancement of the indigenous-owned companies in developing markets; our stratagem is to commercialize the company’s outcome while applying the most efficient practices. The purpose is to gain market share globally.


Making it happen
Never allow fear and doubt get to your dream; if it does you will not succeed. Having faith to continue when things seem impossible; you must believe and don’t stop taking steps. Surround yourself with mentors, family, friends, and a supportive network; for all of these will make the difference in success and failure. Be grateful and above all remain humble.


Celebrity crush
We don’t have a celebrity crush; for us celebrities come from different paths of life. We think people should have a positive input in their community and if you do, you are a celebrity.  We would love to see you wearing our accessories on the runway of life!


What does New York City mean to you?
We both love the city: You find people from all over the world and from all different paths of life; this is what makes the City special & magical a true blend of the world in one island. New York City is eclectic with a style of its own like our products at MsGlocalStyle. Each accessory represents a person’s life; one that made a choice and has the determination to change their family’s life through their work.