House of Horology

Designer Name:
Lawrence Leyderman

Label Name:
House of Horology


“This is my third time being a part of Nolcha Fashion Week. Each and every time its a extremely positive experience that leads to lots of brand growth. The staff is superb.”


 Lawrence Leyderman, founder of House of Horology, was born and raised in New York City. Lawrence graduated from Binghamton University and spent some time working at JP Morgan afterward. However, the financial world failed to capture his interest in the way that working with watches had. By this time, Lawrence’s father’s small watch repair shop had expanded into the exciting world of luxury watch sales and Lawrence began to explore his passion for fine watches by assisting his father.


During the subsequent eight years, Lawrence learned the watch industry inside and out, acting as a distributor, consultant, and more. He became well-versed in countless luxury and fashion lines, their various components, and what makes for a truly excellent watch.


 (continued from Background) However, over time, he noticed that there was something missing. No matter how many new watch brands came into being, they invariably fell into the “luxury group” (beautiful but too expensive) or the “fashion category” (attractive and modern, but lacking in the finer details). Thus, Lawrence formed the idea of House of Horology – a watch brand that creates the perfect hybrid of fashion and luxury.


Signature style
Cool & comfy!


My passion for watches, New York City, good people, and the lack of a high quality, wear-with-anything affordable watch brand that helps make the world a better place.


Some watch brands i respect are Jaeger Le Coultre, IWC, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross.


Nick Wooster’s style is also a influence!


Brand philosophy
House of Horology is an American watch brand focused on exceptionally well crafted timepieces that blend fashion and function. Built on the philosophy of fine watchmaking, House of Horology launched its brand from the ground up – creating a collection of watches that have luxurious components, a cutting-edge design, and a down-to-earth price. House of Horology is more than just beautiful watches; it’s a lifestyle of art, science, and conquering the unexpected.


Making it happen
 … is all i know how to do!


Celebrity crush
 Kate Bosworth & Natalie Portman


What does New York City mean to you?
 NYC means everything to me, this city runs through my veins.


Electric people, vibrant lifestyle, high energy, passion, street-smarts, art, fashion, fun, history, beauty, great food, whatever & whenever…i can on & on. Love this place!!!!