Designer Name:
Jarn Ratnakumar

Label Name:


Currently Based
New York


“What a truly phenomenal opportunity to be involved in this legendary event with such a credible and formidable organization such as Nolcha.”


Jarn is the founder, CEO and Director of Design at LYLA JARN. Before pursuing a career in fashion, Jarn completed her Masters in Law and Legal Practice in Sydney, Australia and has spent years in the Legal and Compliance sectors of the Financial Services industry. However the awareness of her passion and destiny has been following her for years as Jarn had always been curiously drawn to the imaginative world of fashion. It would bring her such joy to delve into this art of fashion design; to create different “looks” for herself, her friends and colleagues. Her fashion dream was engulfing her with one magnificent eruption after another. Jarn has realized her dream and truly believes this is her purpose and destiny.


Jarn’s passion is to merge her life experiences and her designs to help empower women and enable them to dream creatively, increase spiritual intelligence, and reach their fullest potential; all while exhibiting a flair for style.


Signature style: Luxurious feminine clothing that will empower women while also allowing for self-expression and authenticity with the use of sophisticated yet playful unique prints, energizing textures and glamorously innovative design.


LYLA JARN is a brand born from the influences of powerful women around the world. Jarn draws inspiration from her exotic past. From Sri Lanka, to Zambia, to Australia and now residing in New York, LYLA JARN is bringing together a wealth of style, personality, and culture.


Brand philosophy
LYLA JARN’s belief is that there is importance in understanding our unique destinies and discovering such joy by feeling confident and alluring. LYLA JARN embraces individuality and authenticity through the use of gorgeous graphic prints and playful yet sophisticated designs. Success is happiness. A LYLA JARN original invokes prosperity, makes women feel wonderful and showcases their beauty.


Making it happen
Pure love for the art of fashion design coupled with sheer drive, ambition and determination.


Fun Fact
Jarn’s business partner is her baby girl Lyla who has to approve all designs and has helped make strategic business decisions since she was a newborn!


What does New York City mean to you?
The vivacious and mysterious energy that New York is famous for has become a source of abundant inspiration. LYLA JARN’s current cosmopolitan fashion line embodies the confidence, the sexiness and the success of the city of New York with the use of flirty silks and romantic effervescent soft cottons. Anything is possible in this enigmatic city.