Mamahuhu Colombia

Designer Name:
Carolina Rodriguez

Label Name:
Mamahuhu Colombia


“We are so excited to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week, and to represent what this country brings to the industry in terms of style and quality. Colombia is well known for its coffee exports, but now it is all about fashion.”


 Born in Colombia, Carolina Rodriguez studied Political Science in Spain and Diplomacy in Shanghai. After witnessing the practices of the fashion manufacturing industry in China, Carolina returned to Colombia to found Mamahuhu Colombia based on the idea that producing fashion could be a more personal and more socially beneficial experience for everyone involved.


 To bring a new image of Colombia to the international markets, with the tenets of high quality and unique design.


Signature Style
 Colorful leather bags and limited edition leather boots handmade by artisans in Bogota, Colombia.


 Old Colombian leather bags and forgotten vintage looks.


Brand philosophy
 Stay local with sourcing and production, use high quality leather, and utilize the talent of experienced artisans wherever possible.


Making it happen
The path to success is never easy, but when you start to see people on the streets wearing your designs, you realize it is all worthwhile.


Celebrity crush
Mark Wahlberg


What does New York City mean to you?
 City of Dreams