Designer Name:
Adi Gal + Gili Rozin

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 The concept of MeDusa, the Hebrew word for  “jellyfish,” came to life in 2009, when Israeli designers Gili Rozin and Adi Gal began working together during their studies at Shenkar College in Tel Aviv Israel in the Jewelry Design department. The two designers were searching for a way to bring innovative textiles into the fashion and accessories industry, and were immediately drawn to the stylistic tension of retro and modernism that resulted from the textured plastic shapes and bold hues of their designs. In 2011 Rozin and Gal opened their own design studio in the lively center of Tel Aviv, and in two short years MeDusa was named the “Must Have Accessory” by Vogue Italia in 2011 and 2012, and received recognition from top European fashion magazines and bloggers as well coverage in US media like Refinery 29 and various fashion blogs.


MeDusa is currently sold in Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Australia and the USA.


 Our vision is simply to keep innovating through design and creating wearable art. Today, the heart of our brand is in the alternative choice of material, it’s about the plastic and the unique way in which it is processed. This is what differentiates us and makes our designs stand out from the rest of the industry, but it is impossible to know what will emerge tomorrow from the creativity and ingenuity of designers around the world. We believe this differentiation boils down to our commitment to continue to dare, be true to ourselves, and maintain a healthy distance from the “expected”.


 Named after the infamous Greek deity, and the Hebrew word for “jellyfish”, the dominant influence of the sea life can be spotted throughout MeDusa’s designs.  You can really see this influence in the Classic Collection, each bag is created with its own unique plastic mold which together represents an entire world of special shapes and colors of the plants and animals under the sea. The newer Ornomentica Collection carries this theme while adding a stylistic twist from the majestic old world, with fabrics inspired by carpets and tiling from Morocco, India, and the Far East. Like most designers, we always have our senses on alert for new inspiration whether it be the warm Mediterranean sun, the buzzing of life in Tel Aviv, or even the beat of a great song.


Brand philosophy
 Always push the boundary of industry standards, whether in textures, shapes, materials, or processes. When we set out to produce our first designs, we left no stone unturned until we found exactly the right material and texture which ended up being a plastic and process traditionally reserved for the automotive industry. Our style philosophy: Make life a bit more colorful.


Making it happen
 We are still figuring it out as we go :o)


Celebrity Crush
 Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller), she embodies our philosophy of living life more colourfully!

What does NYC mean to you?
 A beating heart with a strong pulse.