Meghan Patrice Riley

Designer Name:
Meghan Patrice Riley

Label Name:
Meghan Patrice Riley


“I’m so excited and honored to be able to present my new collection to the Nolcha and New York fashion scene! It’s a huge accomplishment and been a goal of mine since I started creating. To have it come to fruition is amazing!”


 I grew up in Southern California and lived constantly at the beach but ended up in the Bay Area doing policy work after college. I started taking metalsmithing classes amidst my grant writing and fell in love with metal…and I ran with it! I set up my own metals studio and started playing with materials. My first collection was picked up by SFMoMA and from there I just kept expanding and experimenting.


 I love to create pieces of wearable, sculptural jewelry that flow on the body. I’m constantly looking at new materials and figuring ways to reconfigure them into elegant collections. It’s a constant exploration!


Signature style
 Black and white and red all over.


 I’ve been obsessed with Alexander Calder’s work for years, not only his sculptures but his jewelry work. He had a lifelong long love of wire which I share. Also, in terms of out-there-looney-tunes creativity I love Elsa Schiappareli. She made the most beautifully tailored and constructed surrealist fashion that was still accessible.


Brand philosophy
 Elegant and classic with a hint of quirk. My goal is to create pieces that become my customers signature uniform.


Making it happen
Every day in every way.


Celebrity crush/fans
 Ninh Wysocan. It sounds weird and I don’t know if she’s a celebrity but I’m obsessed with her jewelry collections!


What does New York City mean to you?
 Change, freedom, flexibility.