Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Designer Name:
Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Label Name:
Michelle Pajak-Reynolds


“My passion for creating one of a kind jewelry is to celebrate and enhance the unique beauty of every woman. I’m thrilled and honored to be sharing my jewelry collection on an international stage during Nolcha Fashion Week.”


As a little girl, I spent hours playing with pop-beads and jelly bracelets while watching Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s jewelry gave her super powers, confidence and enabled her to change the world. My passion for making jewelry is to help my clients feel like the most beautiful and confident women in the world and as though they can conquer anything. My love of jewelry and design runs deep into my DNA.  My parents fell in love over a K-Mart jewelry counter; my dad was a Cleveland Clinic police officer and my mom was a jewelry department manager. My mom also made many of my childhood clothes and my grandmothers were always sewing and creating. My formal jewelry training began in high school and I went on to perfect my artistic and business skills via a BFA in Jewelry from Kent State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Baldwin-Wallace University.


“Extraordinary jewelry for extraordinary women.”


Signature style
Bold, one of a kind, couture, ethereal, art


I’ve always been inspired by avant-garde fashion, nature, and my travels around the world.  The elegant fabrics in a gown, the striking colors in an exotic flower, the mood of a place all greatly influence my work. Designing for me is a sacred creative journey.  It starts with the raw materials, the weight of a gemstone in my hand, the sparkle of thousands of crystals against the skin, the flash of light from polished precious metals.  With these materials, I create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are unique and timeless. Purely handmade pieces are rare in our modern world.  Every detail in my jewelry designs possesses a love and tradition of artisanal hand-craftsmanship found only in true couture.


Celebrity Crush
Tilda Swinton, Tori Amos, Daphne Guinness, Alexander McQueen.


What does New York City mean to you?
 NYC is where you go to live out your dream. It’s a place full of ambition, talent, and infinite potential. There’s nothing like the energy of NYC and showing my collections during Fashion Week is always exciting.