Designer Name:
Dolly Donshey

Label Name:


“My team and I are so excited to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week because this event truly embodies the energy and creativity of independent designers and gives us a platform to share our vision to the world.”


Monstruosité (formerly House of Donshey), a high fashion millinery brand, was established in 2010 by designer and creative director 23-year-old Dolly Donshey after studying the art of hat making under renowned milliner Jan Wutkowski, alumni of the Melbourne School of Millinery in Australia. Since inception, the brand has been featured in publications and media around the world and worn by celebrities such as Sasha Pieterse and Carmen Electra.


Monstruosité focuses heavily on bringing concepts to life by integrating music, art and theatrical elements to showcase the ideas behind the designs. Monstruosité views fashion and millinery as a way to tell a story and push creative boundaries, while also focusing the utmost attention to detail.


Signature Style
 Monstruosité brings together the traditional art of millinery with a modern unconventional twist. Edgy statement pieces are a staple of the brand, but Monstruosité also focuses on creating pieces that allow the everyday woman to feel elegant and fashionable.


I am moved by the Baroque and Renaissance time periods. I like to interpret pieces of art, music, and theater and bring the essence to life through my collections.


Brand philosophy
 Thou Shalt be Monstrous!


Making it happen
My team and I put so much into every collection. Success to me is evoking feeling from our audiences. When someone leaves a Monstruosité show, we want them to say, “wow, that was something special.”


Fun fact about your brand
Believe it or not, the concept for every collection is conceived and solidified within about 15 minutes. I then spend the next 3-4 months perfecting the story and bringing the ideas to life for the runway. Very rarely do I ever deviate from the original concept or design plan.


What does New York City mean to you?
 When I think of New York, I think of freedom. It’s a dynamic city that allows everyone to exist in their own unique style.