Designer Name:
Arveena Ahluwalia

Label Name:


 PAUL DRISH​ is the global evolution of the legacy of D​rish, ​its parent company founded over 25 years ago in India. Co­-founder Arveena Ahluwalia, who worked in corporate America for 10 years, caught the entrepreneurial bug and with a desire to create stylish but comfortable shoes for her male colleagues in the corporate world, was driven to to launch Paul Drish in December 2014, a homage to her uncle Paul at Drish Shoes.


 PAUL DRISH’s vision is to not only create the most comfortable shoes, but also design them on par with other luxury brands, utilizing strong craftsmanship to produce stylish, hight­end yet affordable leather shoes and bags.


Signature Style
With our signature purple lining, PAUL DRISH is here to redefine classics.


We are influenced by the men we seek to dress. PAUL DRISH​ products are designed for men everywhere who aren’t satisfied with routine, who stop to admire everyday beauty and who travel the world extensively. P​AUL DRISH​ is not just another brand of shoes and bags; it is a gateway to new experiences through which men will gain a fresh perspective on the world around them.


Brand Philosophy
 PAUL DRISH holds promise to heightened customer experience based on exceptional value, quality, technological competence and artisanal excellence­, all honed by decades of research and development in shoe comfort.


If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?
 Matthew McConaughey is our ultimate style icon of the moment. His fearless fashion sense redefines the classics every time­, which is what we are all about!