Shana Luther

Designer Name:
Shana Luther

Label Name:
Shana Luther Handbags




“Thrilled, excited and totally happy to be part of Nolcha Fashion Week this year with many other extremely talented emerging designers! “


“I love the idea of dressing around one’s bag… the bag has always been the focal point for me.”


I’ve always been fascinated with design ever since I first learned the workings of a sewing machine. This allure with design took me to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to study fashion.


One day, a walk past an independent handbag boutique inspired me so much that I found myself running back to my studio to create some prototypes and a small handmade bag business was born- SML Bags. During the course of running my little company, I cranked out several hundred bags made with my materials of choice, various leathers and vibrant fabrics. One of the most thrilling things that happened to me at this time was creating one of kind bridesmaids clutches for Joy Deangdeelert Cho, from the ever-popular blog, Oh Joy.


I absolutely loved what I was doing, but after stepping on my cat several times in my absurdly cramped studio, change needed to happen, and fast! Larger production capability was what I needed.
Totally eager with my new designs ready to go, in early 2012 I met with a local manufacturer and my first prototypes were made. There was just one little problem. Money.


Finding the funding to make my dreams a reality was a challenge and after several brainstorming sessions with my ever clever husband, I decided to create a Kickstarter campaign. In September of 2012, my campaign was a success, going above and beyond the goal! (Many high fives followed)


SML Bags has now turned into Shana Luther Handbags- a more grown up, refined and modern line of locally produced leather handbags. Now in my third season, I continue to explore new design ideas to make my girl feel totally original and sharp with her killer handbag.


I believe there is am ever growing market out there for made in America goods. I’ve always wanted my collection to be produced here and I’m so happy to be bringing a totally original, modern and made in the USA handbag collection into the market.


All of my handbags are proudly designed and produced in Brooklyn, NY.


Signature style
My girl is original, likes to dress with a modern edge and knows a remarkable handbag when she sees it! She’s equal parts urban bohemian, distinct, refined and totally current.


I’m inspired by many things but I find myself always drawn towards classic shapes found in vintage furniture and muscle cars. The laid back attitude of Brooklyn street style is also a big influence on my design.


Brand philosophy
Modern, clean design made with thoughtfully sourced materials and impressive craftsmanship. Luxurious yet tough, my designs are meant to be worn.


Making it happen
I was super excited when my kickstarter campaign went above and beyond it’s goal and because of that, my first production run was a success! Ever since then, I’ve been locally producing all of my designs right here in Brooklyn.


Celebrity crush
Steve Buscemi


What does New York City mean to you?
It’s where it all happens, baby!