Syd and Pia

Designer Name:
Fernanda Medina

Label Name:
Syd and Pia


“I am super excited to showcase my brand through Nolcha Fashion Week, an opportunity of a lifetime!”


Fernanda Medina was born in the Dominican Republic and migrated to the United States at the tender age of 9.


Syd and Pia NYC’s vision is to develop into a brand that will end up in speciality stores, ultimately become a household name. I want to expand the brand, so that it builds strong relations with high-end fashion boutiques, department stores, showrooms, and jewelry distributors. Moreover, I hope that the brand also inspires and contributes to the dreams cycling into new young artists that are transcending into designers through their training.


Signature Style
Organic, sculpted, anatomical pieces, some adorned with semi precious stones.


I push for innovating and fresh new ideas. The concepts are universal – I take old architectural concepts from Greece and anatomy books. I take a simple motif, like the infinity symbol, and create a world of it’s own through that component. The idea of taking something antiquated and recycling it into metal is inspiring in it’s own right. Anatomy, like jewelry contain components that create unique embodiments. Each component, while simple in nature is part of a bigger picture. The Fall 2015 collection is based on the structure of vertebral skeletons, and the abstract concept describing something without any limit.


Brand Philosophy
As the designer of Syd and Pia NYC, I define myself as regenerative, and particular. By this I mean that I try to push for innovating and fresh new ideas. The ideas can be quite simple like most recently I took old architectural concepts from Greece and anatomy books. I then take a simple motif, like the infinity symbol, and create a world of it’s own through that component. The idea of taking something antiquated and recycling it into metal based pieces is what ultimately defines me as a rising star. The whole process in my artistry is particular in detail. In terms of being regenerative and particular, I take concepts that could be universal or simple or common, and create unique pieces that I ensure have not been frequented on somebody’s wrists, hands, or necks.


If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?
Kerry Washington and Blake Lively would be the perfect billboard for the brand. Both ladies exude the sexiness that Syd and Pia NYC conveys through our metal pieces.