Virginia Stone

Designer Name:
Virginia Stone

Label Name:
Virginia Stone


About the Founder:

Virginia Stone has always preferred the road less traveled.  Her radically different approach to skincare has been defying expectations and the beauty industry for over 15 years – and has led her to create the innovative sustainable luxury brand, Virginia Stone.





Where  are you headquartered:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Where are you manufactured:

On-site in the Virginia Stone Lab


Interesting Details about Materials:

– Each Virginia Stone product is slow-cooked and made fresh in-house upon order by our master artisans.

– Our master artisans have perfected the balance between green chemistry and culinary creativity, transforming the expected into the extraordinary.
– Virginia Stone employs Non-GMO organic farming practices, natural filtration, and a slow-cooked approach to protect the purity and essence of our raw materials.
– We believe that all forms of life deserve respect and protection. We do not test on animals or support suppliers who do. Every Virginia Stone product is proudly vegan.
– Virginia Stone is committed to sourcing its raw materials from small-scale family-owned organic farms. Supporting Fairtrade ensures premiums are shared amongst local workers and farmers, providing sustainable incomes, education, and support programs within their communities.


What new products will be launching for the Spring 2018 season:
We will be rolling out 15 more sku’s, a VIP member app, and an innovative new Bespoke Program over the next 12-24 months, so keep an eye on our space!


What are you most known for?
We are most known for our diverse, multicultural approach to skin. We believe the skincare industry adheres to a broken and outdated model. The ‘dry/normal/oily’ classification system is incomplete and does not address the differences found within varying skin tones or the need to approach and treat each skin tone independently.
The most important factor to consider when designing skincare is tone. Your tone determines your skin personality, which inherently defines unique characteristics like skin density, sensitivity, SPF requirements, and potency tolerance levels.
We are also known for our innovative and exclusive packaging. Our custom-crafted stone Luxador offers natural luxury at its finest. Inspired by the beauty of nature – sand, stone, hemp and water unite to create this exclusive piece of art.