Designer Name:
Bela Thacker & Chiara Casiraghi

Label Name:
Zayver Designs


“We are excited to share our collection for the first time at Nolcha.”


Bela Thacker- With a PhD in History, Bela brings rich cultural and historical significance in the creation and curation of each piece. Her introduction into jewelry design began at a very early age as her family often visited the gold and silversmiths  commissioning unique pieces. She was captivated by the whole process, from choosing the stones, overseeing the design to seeing the finished product on her mother and aunts. Jewelry  was more than accessories to Bela and her family, jewelry was a work of art that represented the individual completely.


Chiara Casiraghi – Chiara’s love for design began in her life as a professional ballerina. From an early age she was enthralled by the creation of costumes and the romantic role accessories played in perfecting finishing touches in creating a character. With a Communications Degree and a personal style blog she transitioned away from the stage and into fashion full time. She joined Zayver Designs in 2014.


Creating unique, semi-precious jewelry designed and cultivated for the modern, worldly and beautiful woman.


Signature Style
Bold, statement jewelry with natural, semi-precious stones and bohemian influence.


Bela’s backgroundin academia and international travel.


Brand Philosophy
Creating works of art with cultural and historic significance in wearable pieces.


If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?
The ones that come to mind first are Charlize Theron, Amal Clooney, and Jennifer Aniston. They are all strong women, with great personal style who would look amazing wearing Zayver jewelry.