#MondayMustHaves – Fashion Week Essentials

January 27, 2014

27 Jan, 14

Fashion Week can be tiring and full on. With runway shows, industry events and constant networking, it’s easy to neglect your skin and overall health. As a little favour from us to you, we’ve provided you with a list of the top 10 products guaranteed to keep your energised, fresh and looking your best, stock up on these #MondayMustHaves, it is Fashion Week after all!

Nolcha Monday Must Fashion Week

1. Sandgrens: New York clog boots (http://www.store.sandgrensclogs.com/ $269)

2. Rusk: Deep shine dry shampoo (http://www.rusk1.com $20)

3. Boudoir des lubies: Varenne mini pink bag (http://www.boudoirdeslubies.com/)

4. Duracell: Potable charger (http://www.duracelldirect.co.uk/ $62

5. Shea Terra: Moroccan Mud Cleanse (http://www.sheaterraorganics.com $18)

6. FACE Atelier: Foundation adjuster (http://faceatelier.com $48)

7. Bella Semplice: Re-Storation Eye Return (http://www.bellasemplice.com $125)

8. Ebby Rane: The Quartermaster Case (http://www.ebbyrane.com/  $1,145)

9. Tszuji: Arch support (http://tszuji.co.uk/ $16.50)

10. Energems: Energy Chocolates (http://www.energems.net $8.50)