#MondayMustHaves – Hats Off

August 25, 2014

110814 Nolcha Monday Must Haves Hats Off

This week we are taking our ‘hats off’ to fantastic independent hat designer and milliners across the globe.  Whether you’re looking for knock out pieces or one for your special occasion.

1. Sarah Can’t: Hat

2. Emma Yeo: Brass headpiece

3. Jane Bailey: Beaded headpidce

4. Jess Collett: Oriental headpiece

5. Fiona Managan: Red pillbox hat

6. Jane Taylor: Feather headpiece

7. Keely Hunter: Disk hat

8. Vivien Sheriff: Headpiece

9. Beth Morgan: Headpiece

10.Fiona Managan: Gold pillbox hat

Monday Must Haves is a weekly article curated by the Nolcha Fashion Week team introducing cutting edge independent fashion designers and lifestyle brands. The series focuses on supporting independent fashion straight from the runway shows of New York, London, Milan and Paris.

If you are an independent fashion designer or lifestyle brand interested to feature a product in Monday Must Haves please email megan@nolcha.com with more information about your brand.

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