Nolcha Fashion Week Partners with Independent Designer Pamela Gonzales to Open First New York Concept Store in SoHo at SoHo Mews

October 3, 2012

Celebrity Designer Loris Diran and Rising Stars of Fashion to be Featured Along with Pamela’s Designs

Nolcha Fashion Week partners with couture-inspired, independent designer, Pamela Gonzales to open her first concept store in New York which will feature her designs alongside celebrity designer Loris Diran, Anaïs Bouchard  and other select   talent from Nolcha Fashion Week at Pamela Gonzales SoHo at SoHo Mews, 311 West Broadway, on Thursday, October 11th.

According to, Nolcha Fashion Week has become a hot incubator of new fashion design talent. Nolcha Fashion Week chose Pamela Gonzales to debut her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection in their September show and was instrumental in finding her a location for her concept store.

“We are proud to partner with Pamela Gonzales and the talent that will be featured at this ground-breaking store,” says Kerry Bannigan, CEO and Co-Founder of Nolcha Fashion Week. “Supporting and expanding the reach of the independent designer is the foundation of our brand – this is a very exciting time for us!”

“The strategy for selecting this prime location situated opposite SoHo Grand, was to benefit from the popularity of this landmark New York City hotel, while aligning the independent fashion brands with notable retailers in a key shopping district,” emphasizes Arthur Mandel, President and Co-Founder of Nolcha Fashion Week.

Pamela Gonzales SoHo will showcase Pamela Gonzales Fall/Winter 2012 Collection alongside a unique spectrum of the world’s emerging fashion talent in an art gallery format. The space, designed by Romina Gonzales using glass as a primary material, will display an art installation of glass-blown sculptures and mannequins. The result is a unique concept that challenges the established formal conventions of art, design, fashion and glass.

Celebrity designer Loris Diran, a favorite of Beyonce’ and Sarah Jessica Parker, Anaïs Bouchard of “Naïs”, and the following rising stars of the fashion world as selected by the Nolcha Fashion Week team will debut alongside Pamela Gonzales’ Collection:

Alice Yim   (

Antonia Paris (

Arefeh (

Carlos Luna (

Jess Rizzuti (

Jessica Barkley (

Mel en Stel (

Nuvula (

Sandra Baquero (

Each designer will have their own designated space to display their creations in a fashion-forward way.

Pamela Gonzales Fall/Winter 2012 Collection marked a true journey of self-discovery, an opportunity to materialize and project her uniqueness and her own concept of subtle elegance. With these designs, she also sought to create a balance between intricate embroidered evening designs and elegant but soothingly, neutral knitted wearables. She accomplished this by intermingling quintessential blacks, revitalizing reds and blissful golds. She pulled these elements together to build a unified collection of various complementary designs and colors that a modern, elegant woman could enjoy wearing all day long depending on her lifestyle.

With her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, which debuted at Nolcha Fashion Week in September to rave reviews, she was inspired by the mystique of the summer solstice. Using contrasting, powerful colors such as black and turquoise, champagne and gold as inspirational backdrop,  Pamela Gonzales advanced her designing skills to a new level.  Her intricate use of both texture and transparency, and hand-knit workmanship, drapes and crystals resulted in a cohesive and beautiful collection for a sophisticated, yet modern and alluring woman.

About Pamela Gonzales

Pamela Gonzales is a 20-year-old Peruvian fashion designer. Since she was a child, Pamela has always wanted to become one, but it wasn’t until an accident that she decided to follow her dream, and with a lot of effort and dedication, she completed her first collection. It was received with a great reception from buyers and editors alike in Peru’s Fashion Week, which led to invitations to talk shows as well as favorable press reviews in leading Peruvian media. Gonzales then decided to open her first boutique in Lima, Peru and established her own atelier to ensure the highest quality of production and craftsmanship.

Gonzales brought her first collection to New York where it received a warm reception and positive reviews by stylist, editors, and celebrities alike in both New York as well as Los Angeles. She has participated in Las Vegas Magic Show, New York ADK Showroom and LA Press Week and Nolcha Fashion Week and is opening Pamela Gonzales SoHo.

For further information about Pamela Gonzales please visit and/or

Photos of her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection are available at

Pamela Gonzales SoHo

311 WEST BROADWAY (Directly Across from the SoHo Grand Hotel)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10013-2298

(212) 966-3113

Store Hours: Monday – Sunday 10am-8pm

All Credit cards accepted.

A, C, N, R, Q to Canal Street

About Nolcha Fashion Week: New York

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