December 7, 2015

The Nolcha Monday Must Haves

This week’s Nolcha Monday Must Haves includes practical and inspiring travel products from independent fashion designers and brands for the jet-setters and the globetrotters.


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Nolcha Monday Must Haves featuring independent designers and brands.


1. Not on the High Street: This fantastic travel wallet with a vintage travel inspired theme will help any busy traveller keep everything in one place.


2. Not on the High Street:  This warm and beautiful shaded taupe herringbone throw can help you stay warm throughout the year. Made from 100% wool. Its generous size makes it the right size for keeping you toasty.


3. Zolt: One outlet, multiple gadgets. Power your laptop and two mobile devices – like your smartphone or tablet – simultaneously. Zolt can even power your GoPro, portable speakers, camera and more.


4. Shoptiques: A great sized book to throw in your purse or suitcase to document all of your epic travels!


5. Livescribe: Easily integrate your notes with the rest of your mobile life – create tasks, reminders, calendar events, contacts and more with just a few taps of your finger.  The live scribe instantly adds handwritten notes on to your smartphone and tablet.


6. El Voyage: Inspired by traditional Guatemala’s valleys and mountains this magnificent weaving is a piece of art for your delight.


7. The Clothing Lounge: Yellow mens socks made from high quality Egyptian cotton, decorated with the amazing Cocksocks stud jewellery. A unique style for not for ordinary men but a superman.


8. Not on the High Street: This ‘A Note To Say Yo’ card is a simple, quirky and versatile design perfect for letting old friends know you’re thinking of them.


9. Shoptiques: This Luxe carryall from Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn with adjustable strap is sleek, timeless and perfect for a busy fashionista on the go.


10. Mistura: This sporty yet elegantly styled watch has been designed to demonstrate a sporty, yet elegant style. An indelible fashion statement on wrist wears, combining aesthetic and architecture designs.


Monday Must Haves is a weekly feature curated by the Nolcha team spotlighting cutting edge fashion designers and lifestyle brands; selected for a trendsetting, jetsetting demographic.


The award winning Nolcha Shows, dubbed the “hottest incubator for emerging design talent” by Forbes, is held simultaneously with New York Fashion Week. ‎Founded by Kerry Bannigan and Arthur Mandel the Nolcha Shows is established as the leading fashion week platform of independent fashion designer runway shows.


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