Nolcha Shows Celebrate Ethical Fashion Designers for Earth Day

April 22, 2016

Join us to celebrate Earth Day by supporting these Nolcha Shows ethical fashion designers who we believe are the rising stars of the fashion industry as they continue to build brands that make a positive impact on our world.

Jess Rizzuti Earth 1

Jess Rizzuti

After developing her initial bags by hand, Jess Rizzuti’s first bag was manufactured in 2008. She then launched her first collection in 2009 encompassing rich materials, luxe styles, and precise details. The line is now produced at a local manufacturer in her native New York while Rizzuti still develops each pattern by hand in her studio. The designer custom dyes and embosses materials to create an unparalleled richness that has become the Jess Rizzuti signature completing each design with a complementary lining.


Jess is conscious of environmental impact and believes in exercising ethical practices. She earned a nomination three years in a row for her creations in cork as Best Green Handbag in the Independent Handbag Designer Awards sponsored by InStyle. The eco-friendly designs utilized water-based dyes and glue, heat-transferred patterns, renewable resources and waste-reducing concepts.


As Jess Rizzuti New York quickly developed a loyal following, Jess knew she could finally contribute to another passion she holds close to her heart – philanthropy. She became a very special collaborator for a global organization, Care for Kenya. Care for Kenya is an organization helping to create sources of employment and sustainable growth for the women of Nairobi. Together they created a capsule collection of handbags made of Kenyan textiles and beadwork native to the region, sold to greater benefit the cause. Jess has future plans to travel to Nairobi and work hands-on with the women’s center to teach skills and to host empowerment workshops.


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El Voyage Earth 1

El Voyage

EL VOYAGE weavings is a high end collection of handwoven scarves for the stylish shopper seeking individuality whilst empowering small, local producers to join in the global marketplace. The meticulously crafted weavings help the greater good through the belief of the art of living and giving.


The brand works with Guatemalan based Flori Can, a Mayan weaver who had a childhood dream of helping her family and community, who employs more than 100 community members that are living custodians of beautiful and ancient artisan skills. Together they create unique and exquisite works of art, a delight in aesthetics and product quality. Flori’s work is creating an economic revival for her people and bringing the beauty of Mayan art to a global community. Flori’s mission has become EL VOYAGE’S mission, helping her with product branding, distribution and sales through our network. Weaving modern opportunities through traditional techniques.


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Michelle Pajak Reynolds Earth 1

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Founded in 1999, Michelle Pajak-Reynolds creates one of a kind and custom jewelry that are purely hand made.  Every detail in Michelle Pajak-Reynolds jewelry designs possesses a love and tradition of artisanal hand-craftsmanship found only in true couture.


Michelle Pajak-Reynolds believes that producing well-crafted designs using responsibly sourced materials that last is something any designer can offer the marketplace, if they choose to. The jewelry collections use raw materials including gemstones and precious metals from a very select number of trusted US based suppliers. The designer aims to have as much knowledge about geo-political issues as much as possible and avoid using any gems that could be connected to war zones. These topics were not discussed openly until recently and customers are much more interested in having conversations about the materials in a particular design.


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Taylord Blu Earth 1Taylord Blu

Made in the USA brand, TaylordBlu Clothing, caters to the successful gentleman that prides himself on meticulous aesthetics, craftsmanship, and quality; offering silk suspenders (made in Brooklyn), bowties/neck ties (made in Ohio), lapel/tuxedo flowers (made in New Jersey and Washington State) and pocket squares (made in Ohio).


The brand believes that manufacturing the products in the USA and contributing to the economy in which they are based is crucial. Fifty percent of the working populations within the USA (roughly 120 million individuals) works in small business, 65% of all the net new jobs are small businesses, and 52% of small businesses are home based. When our economic job growth rate is 4.9% according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, we feel it our responsibility to keep our manufacturing here at home, because so many households depend on it.


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