September 25, 2017

With New York, London and Milan Fashion Week still hot on our lips and Paris Fashion Week kicking off today, we know how tiring it can be to always look your best. The Nolcha Shows team have come together to bring you all things independent to see you through and to keep you looking fresh and fabulous.

1. Wills Vegan Shoes: Pound the runway in these must-have boots courtesy of Will’s Vegan Shoes.  Not only are they fierce and functional, they are Ethically made in Portugal and PETA approved Vegan!  The water resistant and breathable material makes them the ideal boot whatever the weather.


2. Tattuage: Tattuage jewelry is very new to the market and we are their number one fans! Cheryl Eve Acosta is the visionary who founded TATTUAGE®. Her love for body adornment led to her desire to introduce a unique way of wearing fashion jewelry without the commitment inking has. The versatility of TATTUAGE will endlessly bring originality to your personalized look!  TATTUAGE provides women a non-permanent body accessory that is reusable, interchangeable, and customizable — allowing you to create a unique, personalized, expressions.


3.  Wren & Roch: The mission of Wren & Roch handbags is to empower victims and survivors of rape, domestic violence and childhood sexual assault.   At the intersection of high fashion and giving back, each Wren & Roch handbag, proudly made in New York City, financially benefits select Allies while positively impacting lives by raising awareness, eliminating stigmas and educating for the prevention of abuse.  The Best Friend bag from Wren & Roch is just that- your go anywhere, do anything, dress up or down, always-by-your-side, sunshine on a rainy day companion. Get one for yourself and one for a friend, then like any best friends would do- share both. You’ll be effortlessly chic day or night when this bf’s got your back.  This bag is a real eye turner, perfect for mingling with fashionistas!


4. ACID NYC: Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with this fiercely bold, figure-hugging dress from ACID NYC.  Perfect for heading to a runway show, networking event or industry dinner.  Dress it down with pointed pumps or team with some killer orange shoes to own the season.


5. SHOLDIT: The Nolcha Shows crew could be spotted styling a SHOLDIT front of house and behind the scenes and we simply wouldn’t have made it through the season without them! SHOLDIT® is an evolutionary design firm driven by the elements of function, fashion and freedom. SHOLDIT offer solution based accessories with hidden pockets to enhance everyday life. They offer a variety of patented and patent-pending products including but not limited to the one and only Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket, Convertible Nursing Scarf with Pocket, and new Convertible Neck Gaiter with pocket (which cinches into a sweet ‘lil beanie hat). Each design stashes essentials such as phone, passport, keys, wallet, ear buds, small toys, pacifier, and more. Ideal for men and women while traveling, at job sites, sporting events, concerts, the casino, breast feeding moms, medical use and beyond.


6. RAEKA: Fashion Week/Month can really take it out on your skin!  Call in the complete Turmeric Collection includes full size Turmeric, Turmeric-Cucumber, Turmeric-Lemon, Turmeric-Orange, and Turmeric-Sandalwood products. Enjoy the different aromas while your peel away the dead skin cells to reveal a softer and younger looking skin and get that fashion week glow all year long, trust us your skin will thank you!


7. Footgloss:  Footgloss is every fashionistas savior!  FootGloss helps prevent blisters so you can wear the shoes you love, comfortably.  FootGloss is a foot prep: apply daily to your feet before putting on shoes. The all-natural formula creates a thin, invisible barrier on your skin to help eliminate friction and stop blisters before they begin. Keep your feet happy all day long!


8. Grounded Scrub: Grounded Coffee scrubs are made with ground Robusta coffee to boost circulation and to tighten and brighten your complexion. Grounded Body Scrubs are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for healthy beautiful skin.  The scrub will leave your skin feeling incredible every time; just what you need after a long week of being fashionably fabulous.

Monday Must Haves is a weekly feature curated by the Nolcha team spotlighting cutting edge fashion designers and lifestyle brands; selected for a trendsetting, jetsetting demographic.

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