Notes for New York Fashion Week – Backstage tips

May 29, 2014

notes for NYFW Rebecca Strong

Preparing your line for your first or even your 15th runway show can be extremely exciting but also full of angst. Follow these top tips from backstage manager Rebecca Strong to alleviate that pain and have a smooth running show!  No one wants to cry on show day, do they?

  1. Safely transport your line. You can’t have a show if you don’t have your clothing! If you are shipping it, give yourself an extra few days to a week. If you are transporting it on the plane, try to take it as carry on even if you have to split it up between your entourage. Too many times I have seen designers not get their line in time for their show. That’s sad and absolutely avoidable.
  2. Prepare an order line sheet and label your looks. Take a photo of each look and number them according to order with the models name. This will help immensely at your fitting and also it will make it easy for your dressing team to be able to get the proper model in the appropriate outfit and send down the runway in correct order. This here is what I call a “Pro Tip.”
  3. Moodboards. You are telling a story with your line. Everything needs to be cohesive. Do a proper moodboard to make sure that the story you want to tell to media and buyers is what you are trying to project. This will also give hair and make-up a great idea as to what you are looking for.
  4. Choose your music wisely. Your music is a very important component to your show. It helps tell your story and set a tone for your show. Feel free to speak with the backstage manager or creative director to help with the timing and feel. We are here for you! Use our experience.
  5. Post show– It is important that you go take photos and meet the press. While this is happening, your team needs to be packing up your line so the backstage can prepare for the next show. Plus, the backstage is full of people and you don’t want your things spread out and lost.
  6. Keep calm! And be nice. There are exactly 6 things that can go wrong and the backstage manager (well, this one!) has seen them a million times over and will have a solution you can live with and even be happy with. Trust their experience to help you through the day. Take time to enjoy yourself, after all YOU are the star.

Notes for New York Fashion Week:

Notes for New York Fashion Week is a series of top tips from fashion industry professionals to prepare independent fashion designers for their fashion week runway show. From public relations to creative planning, from guest lists to collection preparation and more it covers the key components to create a successful runway show during New York Fashion Week.

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