Notes for New York Fashion Week: Runway Ready

June 19, 2014

notes for NYFW Erika Degraffinreaidt

As the clock counts down to your show day, there is a lot that will be on your mind as you envision the perfect runway in your mind. Creativity can get the best of you so we have some top tops from renowned fashion stylist Erika Degraffinreaidt to assure you remain calm, focused and stress free throughout your runway show.

 1.) Have your own style: With dozens and dozens of designers participating during a week where thousands of fashion lovers flock to see the seasons hottest fashions it’s important to be known for a particular style. Whether your style is Avant Garde or Ready-to-Wear make sure you have a signature. Allow your design to speak for you even when you’re not around, that is your signature. Keep in mind; Little Black Dress-Coco Chanel let that resonate and it will lead you to longevity for yourself and your brand.

 2.) Build a Web Presence: As a new designer it’s very important to be relevant on the internet! In the fashion world, many are turning straight to Google to find out who you are before asking any questions. Make sure that you put out what you would like to be portrayed as. You are a representation of your work. Before entering to be considered to show during fashion week have an online portfolio; whether it’s a blog (Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) or a professionally built website Do not have fashion show producers go through the obstacle of different portfolios just to find images of your designs. Showcase your designs on a clean professional site that is surrounded around your brand and fashion. Make a Facebook like page if you’re not able to design your own website. This is also helpful to fashion show producers so that they can see that you have a following of supporters. Always keep it professional!

 3.) Pressures of Backstage: Know that backstage is going to be full of excitement and fashion craziness. Keep calm under pressure, be completely flexible with whatever the backstage team/crew ask of you. As soon as your designs hit the runway breathe and trust that the model/stylist/hair and makeup artist has put forth all of their professional talents to set you up for complete success. Stay calm.

 4.) Fulfilling Orders: During fashion week there is always the chance that you may get orders from showing your line. It’s important to know how many orders you can actually fulfil if/when orders come in.  If you do not have the access or resources to produce large orders do not take on large orders so that you do not let anyone down. It is better to be honest with people when informing them on how many pieces you can actually produce then to ruin your reputation and burn bridges. Burning bridges is not wise at any stage of your career.

 5.) Fashion is Fun, So Have Fun: You have worked non-stop to get to this point, many sleepless nights, cried tears, this is your moment so enjoy it! Many onlookers are proud of you, this is the beginning of the dream that you have worked so hard for!

 About Erika Degraffinreaidt

Erika  Degraffinreaidt  is a renowned fashion stylist and founder of French Vendette’  which is a brand that specializes in creative concept, high fashion editorial, and commercial styling throughout Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and London.

She has styled for numerous runway shows, editorials, music videos, and short films, her work has been described as simply breathtaking…


Notes for New York Fashion Week:

Notes for New York Fashion Week is a series of top tips from fashion industry professionals to prepare independent fashion designers for their fashion week runway show. From public relations to creative planning, from guest lists to collection preparation and more it covers the key components to create a successful runway show during New York Fashion Week.

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