Ones to Watch – Elizabeth Azadi

December 11, 2014

Elizabeth Azadi

This week the Nolcha Fashion Week: New York globe trotting team took some time to catch up with independent fashion designer and previous Project Subway contender, held at Nolcha Fashion Week: New York September 2015, Elizabeth Azadi.

Born in Tehran, Iran and raised in the United States, Elizabeth Azadi graduated from the Art Institute of NYC in 2009. Soon after she launched her own label and quickly immersed herself into the rapidly growing fashion industry.  Elizabeth Azadi is a New York City based Women’s RTW fashion designer with focus on classic contemporary designs.

Azadi-headshotWhy did you decide to become a fashion designer? Fashion is such a large part of our identity as individuals and to be a part of that identity as an artist is truly rewarding. I love fashion because it gives me the medium to transform a women into whatever she wants to be, whether it’s beauty, strength, power, or love. Fashion is freedom!
What’s it like being in the fashion industry? It’s rewarding if you work hard and are passionate about your identity as a designer…but it’s also a very saturated industry and only the hungry can succeed!
How would you describe your brand? SSS: Strong, Sexy, Sophisticated
What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far? The blessing of doing what I love!

What is the inspiration behind the dirndl skirt in your collection? I love the simplicity of the silhouette and the many moods it can embody. A short dirndl for the fun and feminine natured, to the knees and you’re ready for the office, mid-calf is that tailored sophistication, and at full length you’re ready for the ball! One design that is transformed only by length.
Describe your ideal consumer. A passionate fashionista who celebrates their look with confidence and pride!
What is your favorite piece and why? My next piece…as an artist you’re only as good as your last creation. Always looking forward, no time to look back!
If you could have any celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be and why? Linda Fargo – Besides being, “The Gatekeeper and the Eyes of Bergdorf”. She is a strong confident woman and can breath life into a designer’s dreams!
What store would you love to have your clothes in? BERGDORF GOODMAN (hands down…it’s the Mecca of fashion…when your designs are sold in Bergdorf, then you know you’ve officially made it!!!)
What does 2015 hold for the brand? Hopefully Bergdorf Goodman…gotta dream BIG! 
“Follow your dreams whatever they may be, they will lead you to your happy place!” 

The Nolcha Fashion Week Ones to Watch feature is a weekly interview highlighting an independent fashion designer that is making moves in the fashion industry. Whether from a runway show in New York City or discovered by our globetrotting team we are proud to be a platform of discovery supporting innovative independent fashion.

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