Ones to Watch – JBurgos

October 15, 2014


We had the opportunity to catch up with New York based independent fashion designer Jennifer Burgos, the designer behind the brand JBurgos.  After showcasing her S/S15 collection on the Nolcha Fashion Week: New York runway, we were eager to find out what was next for the brand.

Jennifer credits the years of her life as a woman in New York City as her most influential. Family and her passion to design contributed to her love of fashion, drawing and sewing. Coming from a family of fashionable women, kept Jennifer updated on the latest trends and styles.

Jennifer’s hunger for fashion continued into her teenage years, so she attended Fashion Industries High school. FIH is where she decided to turn her dreams of being a fashion designer into reality. Jennifer spent several years in the industry and completed her BA in Science of Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Jennifer takes her most pride in being a full-time mother. Motherhood in New York City inspired her to create a line that gives the ultimate chic look after having children.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 15.52.24Why did you decide to become a fashion designer? When I was a little girl I loved going with my grandmother to the fabric stores and making clothes for my Barbie dolls. As I grew up my passion to design grew and it was when I was in high school that I realized my biggest dream was to become a fashion designer and dress women all over the world.

What’s it like being in the fashion industry? Although very competitive, being in the fashion industry is so amazing. I get to share my ideas and also experience other individuals’ creativity and their story.

How would you describe your brand? JBURGOS caters to the fashionable and chic woman. It presents a comprehensive clothing line, which is created for the woman that desires a wardrobe that showcases the shape of her body, while at the same time making her feel refined and confident. JBURGOS’ mission is to produce trendy, yet classy clothing, which in turn will bring out a woman’s confidence by accentuating the female form in a beautiful way.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far? The biggest highlight of my career so far was the first time I showed my collection for NY fashion week. Seeing my sketches come to life was priceless!

What is the inspiration behind your SS15 collection? The inspiration behind this collection is bringing some of my tropical island roots and NYC streets to the runway.

Describe your ideal consumer. My ideal consumer is anywhere from the chic young lady to the business woman to the fab stay at home mom.

What is your favourite piece and why? I would have to say I don’t have a favorite piece because every piece is especially made for someone out there, and that alone is my favorite part!

If you could have any celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be and why? My celebrity spoke model would def be Heidi Klum. She is a mother of 4 (just like myself) and has always been fabulous, even after having children, which is the message that I want to share with women out there.

 What store would you love to have your clothes in? I would love to have my clothing in Saks fifth avenue or Neiman Marcus department stores or BarneysNY.

What does 2014 hold for the brand? 2014 has been a year full of surprises thus far, however for the remaining of 2014 I believe it will bring lots of success to the brand.

“First impression is everything, no matter where you go and what you may be doing. You never know who you’re going to come across, what opportunity you’re going to come across and who you may meet. You should always look good and look your best; it will bring your inner confidence out to light”.


The Nolcha Fashion Week Ones to Watch feature is a weekly interview highlighting an independent fashion designer that is making moves in the fashion industry. Whether from a runway show in New York City or discovered by our globetrotting team we are proud to be a platform of discovery supporting innovative independent fashion.

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Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, founded by Kerry Bannigan and Arthur Mandel, is a leading award winning event held during New York Fashion Week hosting independent fashion designer runway shows.