Ones to Watch – Lyla Jarn

October 29, 2014

Lyla Jarn

The Nolcha Fashion Week: New York team had the pleasure of catching up with emerging independent fashion designer Jarn Ratnakumar.  Recently Jarn’s design took to the runway for Project Subway during Nolcha Fashion Week: New York.

Before pursuing a career in fashion, Jarn completed her Masters in Law and Legal Practice and has spent years in the Legal and Compliance sectors of the Financial Services industry. Today, Jarn lives with her family in New York, New York which includes her business partner and baby girl, Lyla. Jarn’s passion is to merge her life experiences and her designs to help empower women and enable them to dream creatively, increase spirtual intelligence, and reach their fullest potential; all while showcasing a flair for style.

Lyla JarnWhy did you decide to become a fashion designer? Pure love for the art of fashion design coupled with sheer drive, ambition and determination. Being creative is such a spiritual experience for me and I am lucky to be able to revel in this artistry and make woman feel confident sophisticated and alluring at the same time!

What’s it like being in the fashion industry? It is so much fun! I love meeting such creative people who are reveling in their own art, may that be fashion design, modeling, make-up artistry or photography. Just working and being around these individuals is such an inspiring and fascinating experience.

How would you describe your brand? Luxurious feminine clothing that empowers women while also allowing for self-expression and authenticity with the use of sophisticated yet playful unique prints, energizing textures and glamorously innovative design.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far? When one of my designs was on Good Morning America! It was worn by a professional dancer from Dancing with the Stars for this seasons cast reveal. Very exciting!

What is the inspiration behind the “Exotic Rose Gold” dress: The pleating is inspired by my Indian classical dance days where we would wear costumes incorporating a pleat which will fan in and out as we dance. I always thought that was a beautiful manner to manipulate fabric, to comprise a surprise element to a garment, to encapsulate the femininity of a woman and embrace the uniqueness of this LYLA JARN consumer.

Describe your ideal consumer. A fun strong intelligent sophisticated woman who loves fashion and style!

What is your favourite piece and why? The “Liberate the Pink” Dress: this exquisite dress is a beautiful black and white checked edgy piece which is softened, ever so subtly, with our signature pleat design showcased in a beautiful pink hue. It is my favourite piece because of this contradictory juxtaposition of an edgy quality with the femininity of the pink. I love the surprise element and the uniqueness of the pleats. The versatility of the dress is also ideal as this dress is cocktail party ready and is quite business chic.

If you could have any celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be and why? Amal Alamuddin not because she just married George Clooney, it is because she is a fun strong intelligent sophisticated woman who seems to love fashion and style!

What store would you love to have your clothes in? Everywhere! Especially Saks Fifth Avenue in NY! David Jones in Sydney!

What does 2015 hold for the brand? I am thrilled to reveal my next Collection! I have learnt so much with developing this debut line. I have listened to the market and my customers and will incorporate their feedback for next year’s reveal. I am also excited to continue to expand my brand further within New York, LA, Miami, Chicago and Dallas. Also I am focused on extending my line within my hometown, Sydney.

My business partner is my 1 year old baby girl, Lyla, who has to approve all designs and has helped make strategic business decisions since she was a newborn!

LYLA JARN’s belief is that there is importance in understanding our unique destinies and discovering such joy by feeling confident, alluring and believing in ourselves. LYLA JARN embraces individuality and authenticity through the use of gorgeous graphic prints and playful yet sophisticated designs. Happiness is success. A LYLA JARN original invokes prosperity, makes women feel wonderful and showcases their beauty.

The Nolcha Fashion Week Ones to Watch feature is a weekly interview highlighting an independent fashion designer that is making moves in the fashion industry. Whether from a runway show in New York City or discovered by our globetrotting team we are proud to be a platform of discovery supporting innovative independent fashion.

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