Ones to Watch – MORE+

December 3, 2014

More to be more

The Nolcha Fashion Week: New York team had the opportunity to catch up with designer behind the brand MORE+.  MORE is an innovative brand created to collaborate with all kinds of creative talented people, a brand created to renew, recreate and give new life to the old dress you forgot in the closet.

10742805_716213991761725_1627128533_oWhy did you decide to become a fashion designer? I don’t think I could do anything else. Since my childhood I have always been fascinated by the world of fashion and costume design. I have always found a way to express myself and to be creative in designing clothes.

It was a bet with myself, a desire grown over time. When I felt that it was time to begin to work as a professional and to propose my personal brand – after a training at the Polimoda International Fashion Design Institute in Florence, after 5 years working as costume designer assistant for film productions and after 6 years working as a fashion designer for a prestigious Italian company, I realized that I had to make my dreams come true.

What’s it like being in the fashion industry? 
It’s like having the opportunity to speak my mind, in my own way, by designing and making clothes.

How would you describe your brand? 
MORE is an innovative brand, away from the usual standards, based on Made in Italy handicraft and on a style research of the tailored dress. I usually work to commission and develop a proposal together with the client. I like working in harmony with the client in a sort of a mutual exchange relationship. For this reason, the brand is for those who want to get their hands dirty and to call into question all the rules, by inventing and experimenting eclectic innovations in the field of fashion and costume design.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far? 
The biggest highlight of my career so far was to begin to have feedbacks and confirmations by people, to see my lifetime dream come true and to be able to involve other professionals to believe in my project and to support it.

What is the inspiration behind your SS/15 RTW collection? 
The outfit is inspired by the game of folds which creates unexpected shapes, like those of Japanese origami, and gives life to a set of volumes, light and dark effects, soft lines, draping, lapels and necklines. The dresses create a game of shapes characterizing the whole collection, which is inspired by a woman who is still growing and does not take herself too seriously.

The trait d’union is the purple you can find in each dress, it completes the collection by giving personality to the garment.

For the Spring/Summer ‘15, I have created 15 original and jaunty mini-dresses offering a simple, dynamic, contemporary and avant-garde collection with a detail accuracy, asymmetrical but balanced volumes which are opposed to the lengths, simple and refined fabrics, not too invasive colors, with bows and knots giving more personality to each dress.

Describe your ideal consumer. 
My ideal consumer is someone hard to please who spends her/his time to try something more, appreciates the details and knows how to make a difference with style.

What is your favourite piece and why? 
I like all the pieces of this first collection. But if I had to choose I think I would choose look #4 because it expresses the femininity in an ironic wearable way.

If you could have any celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be and why? 
It would be, with no doubt, Amanda Seyfried. According to me, she is a timeless beauty, she can express her true femininity. Moreover her face is very enigmatic and magnetic.

What store would you love to have your clothes in? 
Well, I would like to have a niche clientele and see my pieces in small boutiques where the customer can be easily followed and advised by the shop assistant.

What does 2015 hold for the brand? 
I hope to accomplish all the goals that I have set for myself; first of all I want to strengthen my brand and have new collaborations.

‘I don’t want to change the world, but at least I want to dress it’ #moretobemore