Ones to Watch – Nadia Minkoff

April 30, 2014


Carrying on from our British theme this week we caught up with independent fashion designer Nadia Minkoff to discuss her brand and what she has planned for 2014.  Nadia Minkoff London is a niche, British boutique style brand.

nadia profileWhy did you decide to become a fashion designer? I started making my own clothing at a young age and always loved it but  as I come from an academic family I always assumed I’d pursue a career in biology. When I was 18 I took a gap year in Italy and the rest as they say is history, I knew I had to study fashion.

What’s it like being in the fashion industry? On one hand It’s tough, competitive and not as glamorous as it may sound, on the other it is exciting, fast paced and pretty fantastic. Not sure I would recommend it , it’s not for the faint hearted, you need real dedication, the ability to cope with set back and with long unfriendly hours, but personally I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

How would you describe your brand? Nadia Minkoff London is a niche, boutique style brand.  My passion for natural materials, colour, craft, travel and all things vintage became the backbone of the Nadia Minkoff range.

Quintessentially British and London based, it takes great inspiration from this capital city and it’s eclectic vibe. Globally recognised and known for its distinctive ’boutique style’ the brand takes great pride in its attention to detail and quality.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?  I’ve had many highlights and this week is no exception, I’m a finalist in the ‘Best Accessory Designer 2014’ category for the Drapers Footwear and Accessories award which is taking place on Thur May 1st! I feel like a winner just for making it to the finals.

What is the inspiration behind your Cut/SE1?  This clutch bag is inspired by The Cut/SE1 , a road that runs in South East London and creates what looks like the base of a triangle between Waterloo  Rd and Blackfriars Rd.  Home to the Old Vic Theatre as well as great places to eat and shop, its a real mixture of old and new London with an edgy vibe. It inspired me to design a modern bag- (an over -sized clutch ) with a modern application (lazer- cut panels), but despite its edgy proportions and modern Technics it has an air of familiarity to it, a certain softness.

Describe your ideal consumer.Individual, well-travelled, stylish but practical, with an eye for the finer details, fashion inspired but not fashion led.

What is your favourite piece and why? The Bond, which really caught the eye in our last catwalk, as every girl needs an oversized slouchy clutch bag and it’s so now!

If you could have any celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be and why?  Annie Lennox, she’s just so cool and timeless and still in her prime, real girl power if you ask me.

What store would you love to have your accessories in? Anthropolgie

What does 2014 hold for the brand? A lot, lets see.. just signed a distribution agreement with an agency in Berlin, going to do my first trade show in Denmark to open up the Scandinavian market, another catwalk at London Fashion Week in Sept and we are looking at debuting our first range of mens bags, (I’m saying this out loud so it really will happen).

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