Runway Recap SS14: Karo Swimwear | Nolcha Fashion Week: New York presented by RUSK

September 27, 2013

Runway Recap: Karo Swimwear at Nolcha Fashion Week: New York presented by RUSK SS14

Runway Recap: Karo Swimwear at Nolcha Fashion Week: New York presented by RUSK SS14

Designer Name:  Kasia Roginska

Label Name:  KARO Swimwear

Background: Kasia Roginska was born in Krakow, Poland. As a child Kasia was always passionate about hand sewing simple outfits for her dolls. Her parents, but mainly her father, Jozef, taught  her how to use a sewing machine for her little projects and also encouraged  her to continue her creativity by applying into fashion design school. Shortly after her graduation, the whole family emigrated to USA, state of CT. For a few years Kasia has disconnected from her trade as she became wife and a mother.

In October 2012 Kasia’s father passed away unexpectedly and being that close with him, knocked her down for many weeks. Finally in January 2013, a beautiful, exciting idea blossomed and KARO swimwear was born. With the greatest moral support of her husband and family creativity and passion took over filling in the gap after loss making her into whole new person. By creating and designing, she feels like she is making him proud. Kasia feels he’s behind it all, helping her, navigating her to the path she belongs ever since she was that little girl that wanted to style her dolls.

Vision: My vision is to create something totally unique, a piece that’s not only a swimsuit. I want it to be a piece of art, something that makes woman feel elegant, edgy and sexy at the same time. Each piece has built in something that every female cherishes…jewelry.

Signature Style: Bold, bright, asymmetrical, sexy, sophisticated designs with built in gems and jewels.

Influence: I get influenced by fabric I pick, by stones I touch. Sometimes I just take a drive to the stores and walk around and ideas pour into my mind. Many times I get inspired in odd places, then quickly make notes and then let my imagination do the work. I try to stay unique and my influence is the craze of my imagination.

Brand philosophy: Every woman loves to feel sexy and sophisticated and that’s what my designs are about. They highlight the features of feminine body, and since all suits are custom , they can only fit that person.

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Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, founded by Kerry Bannigan and Arthur Mandel, is a leading award winning event held during New York Fashion Week hosting independent fashion designer runway shows.