Scent of Seduction™ Launches Full Line of Seductive Perfumes at Nolcha Fashion Week 2012 New York

August 27, 2012

GynexGroup has chosen the NOLCHA Fashion Week 2012 New York as the launch pad for its luxury line of Scent of Seduction™ perfumes and colognes.  The master perfumers and psychoneuroendocrinologists at Gynex Labs have put their finishing touches on a full line of their unique perfumes and are ready to share them with the world.
GynexGroup CEO John Jackson states, “NOLCHA has long been famous for showcasing some of the world’s most promising independent designers.  There could not be a better place for the world premiere of our unique and seductive perfumes.”
On September 13th, GynexGroup will host the Scent of Seduction NYC Launch party at the futuristic Yotel Hotel in New York.  VIP guests will get the first looks, or smells, of the newest perfume fragrances designed by Gynex Labs’ master perfumer Francesco Bellini.
Last month GynexGroup turned the classic fragrance pyramid on its head with the release of its patent pending fragrance structure. The skillful introduction of a unique “note” called the Phero Note™ was just another distinctive innovation of this young perfume company that has fine fashion boutiques and perfume retailers scrambling to get their hands on this family of products that will certainly be a sensation this holiday season.
Kerry Bannigan, the CEO of NOLCHA Fashion Week said, “We are very excited and proud that GynexGroup and their new brand Scent of Seduction™ have chosen our event to launch their newest perfume products.  They represent the same innovation and creativity that we see in the independent fashion designers we showcase every year.”
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About Nolcha Fashion Week: New York
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