Studio 6th Sense

August 10, 2013

Studio 6th Sense

Designer Name: Stephen Goudeau

Label Name: Studio 6th Sense


Origin: Louisiana, USA

“To showcase at Nolcha Fashion Week: New York is to live the dream allowing our brand to be exposed amongst many and actually seeing our hard work come to life before our very eyes!”

Background: Goudeau grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and has always had and an eye for fashion and art of all types.  In 1999 he instituted his love of drawing and sketching and applied it to his interest in fashion design.  After five years of development, Goudeau formally named his new business endeavor Studio Sixth Sense.  Each one of the founders of Studio Sixth Sense is also from Louisiana and applies their Creole heritage and influence to bring strong diversification to the line.  Studio Sixth Sense has produced premiere fashion shows and participated in Gulf South fashion platforms and has received outstanding reviews.

Vision: As a designer, I want to be humble, focused and customer-driven.  These three principles will help me build rapport in the fashion industry and allow me to stay connected to the customer while supporting the unstoppable change in trend. Focusing totally on the customer allows our brand to supply each woman with quintessential taste and a feeling of beauty and gratification. I want each woman to showcase alluring confidence. Studio Sixth Sense stands for individuality, exclusivity and daringness and allows all women to know we are “A Lifestyle, ready to wear!

Signature Style: My designs are edgy, daring, style savvy and classy.

Influence: I’m influenced by my love for art and fashion mixed with the beauty of a woman’s structure and physique. I study each curve of her body – what can accentuate her shoulders and what can allow her eyes to standout.  I want women to embrace and express themselves through Studio Sixth Sense clothing.

Brand philosophy: Studio Sixth Sense is a brand that brings the runway feeling to the consumer, by being a price savvy option for the everyday woman. As we are blessed with five senses, our company has infused the “Sixth Sense” with our brands namesake that applies the sense of style and uniqueness of each woman that is illustrated in their way of life. Each consumer wearing our brand will be fearless in defining their style and always willing to do the unthinkable with their fashion choices.

Making it happen: I feel the largest challenge in fashion design is making sure our brand is ahead of trend and thinking about style outside of the box.  I also feel that sourcing the right manufacturers for the completion of our concepts is also very important. We had to ensure each piece made for a customer is made with quality and has the integrity of our brands message.

Celebrity crush: Beyonce, Charlize Theron, Kira Knightly, and Scarlett Johansson.

What does New York City mean to you? New York City is the home I never had. I love this city and at times I feel like I was born here in my second life. It has been a dream of mine to have the privilege to showcase in the fashion capital. The opportunity to allow Studio Sixth Sense to showcase in New York is a huge success for the line and our company. It is introducing us to the global world, the upper city community that we have been dying to reach. We are creating “a lifestyle” – one that does not go away overnight and New York is the perfect city to illustrate this journey.