Syd and Pia return to the Nolcha Shows Fashion Lounge for Spring/Summer 2016

July 7, 2015


Syd and Pia Press Release


The Nolcha Shows, now in its seventh year, is proud to announce that Syd and Pia will be returning to the September 2015 Fashion Lounge for the Spring/Summer 2016 collections.


Syd and Pia is an innovative jewelry brand founded by designer Fernanda Medina. Syd and Pia NYC’s vision is to develop into a brand that will be sold in specialty stores and ultimately become a household name. The designer aims to expand the brand, so that it builds strong relations with high-end fashion boutiques, department stores, showrooms, and jewelry distributors. The brand hopes to inspire and contribute to the dreams of new young artists, whom are transcending into designers through their training.


Designer Fernanda Medina comments; “The Nolcha Shows are going to be a valuable experience for my brand and other designers like myself.  I am looking forward to showcasing my work to individuals that appreciate new talent and original artistry”.


The signature style of Syd and Pia is organic, sculpted, anatomical pieces;, some adorned with semi-precious stones. Revitalizing antiquated ideologies and recycling it into modern metal based pieces is what ultimately defines the brand.


Kerry Bannigan, CEO of the Nolcha Shows shares; “It is with great excitement that we welcome Syd and Pia back to our roster of designers. The brand is led by a designer with innovative vision and creative edge that inspires a beautiful collection.”


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