Things & Ink Interview

September 3, 2014

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This week the Nolcha Fashion Week: New York had the chance to catch up with editor of British magazine Things&Ink Alice Snape.

Things & Ink is an independent tattoo magazine that takes an artistic approach to content.  Things & Ink strive to create stunning photo shoots using tattoo artists and people with interesting stories to tell. Carefully curated, the editorial content discusses tattoos against their rich cultural history and current tattoo trends. The magazine is for artists, collectors and those yet to go under the needle. It allows the reader to discover new artists, products and ideas that will enrich their tattooed lives.

Alice Snape

  1. Tell us about the birth of Things and Ink Things&Ink has been a dream of mine for years. Not only I had become disillusioned with tattoo magazines, but magazines in general. They all follow such a similar format, and regurgitate the same articles, over and over again. Heavily photo manipulated covers, formulaic content, uninspiring photo shoots. I wanted to do something different, create something aspirational, but also something with more depth and meaning. To show tattoos as they should be, against their rich cultural history, and also as they are – or should be – as art.
  1. What makes your magazine different from others on the market? We take a more artistic approach to our content, creating stunning visual photo shoots using tattoo artists and people with interesting stories to tell. We have never featured an “alternative model” on our cover, and we always create photo shoots around the tattoo artist and their own style.
  1. Where do you get article ideas? Articles in the magazine are all topics that I wished that I could have read about somewhere else, but simply haven’t been able to find. I am unsatisfied with page after page of tattoo pictures, I want to know the  stories, why that person chose to get tattooed by that artist and why they wanted to get tattooed there.

    Quite often, I might get a spark of inspiration from a conversation I have had with someone, or decide I want to feature someone who I have met who has told me an interesting story. Other times, we might base articles around photo shoots, and explore a topic further because we have touched on a theme in a shoot.


  1. Do you have a theme for each issue? We have a theme for every issue, or at least we have so far, and I don’t know if I can see that changing in the future or not. At the moment, we have lots of ideas for themes.

    Often the theme is based around article ideas we have had, then we base the cover shoot around that theme and link it to an artist. For example, The Art Issue was a particularly exciting issue to create. We chose Tracy D to become a tattooed recreation of the Millais painting Ophelia. Tracy’s tattoo style is very art nouveau, and she also did an amazing tattoo on my leg based on three Rossetti paintings for the issue.



  1. What’s your day like as an editor? There is no typical day. One day I could be on a photo shoot, another interviewing a tattoo artist or making a TV appearance. We have recently sent issue 8 to print, so my recent days have been filled with proofreading, checking PDF proofs of pages and making sure the page numbers are correct. Some days I am just chasing writers to get their articles in on time…


  1. What inspires you? Art, books, people’s stories, people watching, overhearing conversations that I shouldn’t, and magazines. You can gain inspiration from the most obscure places. I also love recreating old things with a modern twist.
  1. Who are your fashion influences and why? I don’t really have a style icon so to speak. My style is influenced by old and new, I think. I like vintage styling (like an old pair of jeans with a crop top) or doing my hair with a vintage twist but wearing a really up to date outfit. I also love the mix of lace with tattoos… I often just spot people in the street (or on Instagram) and I think I will steal a little piece of her style. Mostly I just like to be comfortable and look like I haven’t tried too hard (even if I have!) Actually I think being tattooed has massively helped me gain confidence in my style, mostly just because I like the way tattooed skin makes outfits look.
  1. Share some fun facts about Things and Ink I spent the entire process of putting together the first issue crying, either out of joy or stress. The magazine doesn’t have a glamorous HQ, the first issue was mainly produced from my bedroom.

For more information about Things&Ink visit their website:

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